I’ve been working away at painting and it’s not easy.  I really find it’s important to put it on my calendar and schedule painting sessions, because I often allow other projects to dictate how I spend my time.  The more I paint, the better I understand light, value and composition.  Right now, I am trying to paint with more purpose.  Painting, whatever the medium, is not about copying a scene.  Our goal should be to evoke a mood, memory or maybe a story.

My daughter is working on my Twitter account, and I will post it as soon as it’s available.  If anyone is interested in classes in Pastel, I do teach at Lancaster County Art Assoc., 149 Precision Ave, Strasburg, PA 17579 (telephone 717-687-7061, website lcaaonline.org ) and York Art Assoc., 220 S Marshall St, York, PA 17402 (telephone 717- 755-0028, website: yorkartassociation.org ). I can also be reached via email at dk.stepenaski@verizon.net

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